About This Blog


I moved back to Peoria in 2012 after living in New York City (downtown Manhattan) for 19 years. I'm excited to be living back in the town that I grew up in. This blog will be about myself rediscovering the places and people in Peoria and the surrounding towns here in the Midwest.

I'm a writer and blogger and from 1989 to 1993 I published and edited the magazine People of Peoria, later shortened to POP magazine. The magazine received positive press in the Peoria Journal Star, The Pekin Daily Times, The Chicago Tribune and national recognition in Advertising Age  and Spin magazine. I've written for the Pekin Daily Times, The NY Post, The NY Daily News, NY Newsday, Manhattan Spirit,  Time Out New York, Curio magazine, Gadfly magazine and Nerve Magazine (the magazine that Legs McNeil edited, not the website.) Other blogs that I've created in the last three years, include: A Guy Walks Into 365 Bars, Marty After Dark and Tripping With Marty. if you'd like to read more about me, just click here. If not, that's more than understandable.

I'm going to be posting daily here, Monday through Friday but on the weekends and select days there will be other writers and photographers doing posts, which I think will give the blog a more varied voice and have it be more of a local community effort. You can read about the MBIP Contributors by clicking right here.